The Challenge: Catching the Drop in the Ocean

Around the world, financial services companies are doing everything they can to drive growth  and profitability despite fluctuating economic conditions. Those gains can be lost in an instant if the company is breached and customer information is put at risk.

To stay on the winning side of the cyber security war, banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions are investing in multiple layers of protection and detection to make it more difficult for hackers to do their work. Unfortunately this effort is creating a new and equally complicated problem – alert fatigue.

Banks’ security operations teams are inundated with hundreds of alerts each day. To determine whether they truly indicate a breach or merely a harmless anomaly, analysts must investigate, a time-consuming and painstaking process that often takes hours. As a result, much time is wasted on false alarms, and even worse – real breaches go undetected. The breaches at Target and at the US OPM are just two headline-grabbing examples of breaches that were flagged by detection systems, but not investigated on time.

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The Solution: Validate & Investigate Every Alert with SECDO

Keeping information safe is critical to maintaining customer confidentiality, ensuring regulatory compliance, and protecting the brand of a financial services company. SECDO helps financial institutions guard their most valuable assets with a powerful Incident Investigation and Response platform that validates incoming alerts from the SIEM and other detection systems,and immediately weeds out the false positives.Security analysts then use SECDO’s in-depth investigation platform to unravel suspicious events and quickly block or remediate when necessary.

The SECDO Investigation and Response platform simplifies the security investigation processand reduces the amount of expertise required. SECDO increases productivity and accuracy while reducing the number of investigations and eliminating alert fatigue.

SECDO proactively records all of the activity on every endpoint and server in the organization and analyzes the data to provide the “Who, what, where, when and how” of every incident.With SECDO, banks and insurance companies can immediately determine whether a breachhas occurred, understand the impact, and remediate with precision.

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